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There is an additional 40 acres parcel zoned light industrial. This parcel is divided into 4-10 acre parcels. 

The subdivision has single-phase electric power, two water wells capable of producing over 400,000 gallons per day for 100 years, a water distribution system which provides water to all lots. We also have a 100 year Water Adequacy Certification as well as a Non Jurisdictional Certificate from the US Army Corps of Engineers for the surface water on the property. The water supply is from the Sacramento Aquifer and is in a Non-Management Area of the State.

The access and internal roads are bladed dirt, but they have been improved to county standards and have been accepted and are now owned and maintained by Mohave County. The property is bounded on the east and west by BLM land and state land to the south. 

The transportation corridor possibilities is also impressive.  The I-40 interstate highway system runs through the area and is the beltway from east to west across the United States.  The NAFTA highway intersects the I-40 in the Kingman, AZ area and runs from Mexico to Canada.  In addition, the NBSF Railroad system runs parallel to the I-40.  This rail line is one of the busiest lines in the country.  Kingman, AZ has an "inland port" located at the Kingman Airport.

So, there are plenty of resources for your transportation requirements.

The development is owned by RRP Enterprises, LLC dba as Sagebrush Trails Estates and Sagebrush Trails Airpark. RRP Enterprises, LLC is owned by Raymond R. and Beverly J. Powell. The property has been family owned since the early 1970’s. It is a totally debt free development. To provide stability for purchasers, it is the intent of the owners for the operation of the development to continue as a family enterprise until the Property Owners Association has enough members to assume control of the management.

Ray is a  former 30-year Marine Fighter/Attack Pilot and former project test pilot at VX-5.  This spirit was fundamental in the concept of the Airpark.

The property is located approximately 19 miles east of Lake Havasu City, AZ,  and 20 miles south of Yucca, Az. The legal description of the property is Track 3815, Section 3, Township 14 N, Range 17W, Mohave County. The basic infrastructure consists of 587 acres, which has been subdivided into 16 cul-de-sacs each containing 6 lots for a total of 96 lots with an average size of 6.1 acres and one commercial lot.   The property is zoned A/R (Agriculture/Residential). Forty of the lots are located in center of the section and have direct access to a 4000 ft dirt airstrip and 7200 ft of taxiways. The airstrip is capable of handling a 12,500 pound aircraft at a landing speed of 140 mph. 


  • Unparalleled privacy and elbow room. The property is surrounded on three sides by Federal and State Land, providing an opportunity to take off and explore hundreds of square miles of uninhabited desert and mountains.
  • Live with your airplane, boat, RV and horse
  • Water and electricity (homeowners association owns the Domestic Water Improvement District)
  • Quick access to Lake Havasu, golf, boating, fishing, hot air balloon festival, classic car clubs and all other types of recreational activities
  • Convenient flight mileage to Los Angeles (225 NM), Las Vegas (110 NM), Phoenix (125 NM), San Diego (190 NM)
  • Wide variety of nearby camping, hiking, fishing and hunting
  • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets across the mountains
  • A star studded night sky devoid of almost all artificial light

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Commercial Land/Rural Water Company/Residential Land/FAA Approved Airport


The development offers the following: